Professional Arborist

Our two professional climbing arborist have the technical experience to tackle any tree. Techniques they may use to remove a tree are negative rigging, spar pole, speed line and ‘cut and chunk’. They specialize in difficult rigging and tight drop zones. Your property is safe with them. With help of modern safety equipment they can quickly communicate and safely accomplish the task at hand.  


A tree may need pruning for a variety of reasons.

  • removing diseased, dead or storm damaged branches
  • to thin the crown and promote healthy new growth
  • to reduce the height of tree
  • remove lower branches
  • shape for beautification 

Tree topping is unhealthy and will promote weak but quick growing sprouts that will require more pruning. Proper tree pruning can require climbing, rigging and time to selectively prune it correctly to keep the trees natural shape and health.

Health Restoration

Removing the dead, diseased, bug infested and rotting sections of a tree can help save it from possibly dying and having to be completely removed down the road. Though some trees may be too diseased or bug infested to save. We can help you determine what is the best solution for you.

Professional Fallers

Tree felling is the most inexpensive  and easiest way to remove trees. If not done properly though, it can be a disaster. This is why it is highly recommend you hire a skilled, insured professional. 


Full Cleanup Options

We have industrial size chipper, dump truck and heavy equipment to haul logs offsite. We can provide you with full cleanup service leaving you without debris or hassle.

We have different cleanup options that fits your situation and budget.

skid steer

Mini Skid Steer & Excavator

Our Vermeer mini skid steer allows us to move large debris and logs, rig in difficult and tight spaces, and to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our Kubota 404 Excavator is equipped with a log and brush grapple. 

family owned

Family Oriented

We are a family owned and operated business. Our company is built on respect, honesty, common goals, safety and communication. Our daily goal is that we safely make it home back to our families. 


Our company’s priority is the safety of our personnel, your structures, bystanders and even your pets. We require all our personnel to wear the proper PPE and wear arborist helmets with installed communication intercoms to have the ability to quickly communicate. We regularly inspect our equipment and ropes.

Emergency Services

When a storm hits we are here to response. We specialize in carefully removing trees and branches that may have landed on your roofs, buildings or blocked driveways. We are available 24 hours for storm damage and other emergencies

Defendable Space

Defendable space is your property’s front line defense against wildfire. We can help you create and maintain your defendable space to dramatically increase your home’s chance of surviving a fire and the safety of those protecting it.



We now offer firewood processing. Have us cut down your tree and leave you with firewood for the future winter season. Call for more information.